Thank you for checking out the website and trailer. Please feel free to comment on the project here. Suggestions for more story leads and interviews also appreciated. This project is still a work in progress and more stories are needed. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to EXPORTED FROM MICHIGAN Blog

  1. Hi Jon,

    I was wondering when the full length film will be completed? I’ve been telling my friends about it and can’t wait to share it.

    Hope all is well with you~ Linda Mooar ~ Ruby Rose Tie Dyes

    • Very excited to be going with U of M’s Solar Car Team to Australia this October for the World Solar Challenge. Edit this late fall for an early spring film festival circuit, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Waterfront and Traverse City included. Working hard to deliver a quality final product!

  2. Peninsula Entertainment(r) is a purely Michigan LLC cofounded by two Michiganders (my son and I). We are dedicated to producing our feature films in this state, using the maximum amount possible of local and regional resources. We live here, we work here, and we are working hard to add to the quality products being “Exported from Michigan.”

  3. Thanks for making this movie. The story of the spirit of her people coming together to make Michigan what she has the potential to be is quite the story to tell and I’m so glad you are telling it! What an opportunity, to decide what we want her to be and to participate in her becoming!

    Continued success!

    • Thank you for all the support Kristen. We’re working hard every day to make a high quality finished documentary. Looking forward to the Australia trip with University of Michigan’s Solar Car Team as well as Detroit and Traverse City trips this fall as well. The edit is already well underway. Hoping to have a finished film by next mid spring.

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